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I wanted to turn off chat text fading, so I Googled "wow chat text fade" and found your site. I borrowed some code from ChatFadeDisable (sometimes the hardest part is digging up which API call you need). Thanks!

Given the nature of your addons, I thought might appreciate an addon I wrote called Hack. Like you, I write a lot of little addons for minor tweaks here and there, and it always bugged me to make full blown addons for 2 or 3 lines of code. So, I wrote Hack, which is a very minimal addon skeleton that you can hang these little snippets of code on. It's essentially a lightweight notebook addon in which you can flag individual pages to run on startup.

Anyhoo, maybe it can be of some use to you. *shrug*

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Re: Hack

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I'll check that out... thanks for the heads-up.
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